About Us

The Name: Querencia in Spanish refers to a place where one feels their most authentic self, it is a place where one feels home. The "H" in the middle to represent the word "Here", which creates a sense of belonging within your community by expressing that you belong here. "Here" can also stand for half of my last name, "Heredia", and within the name the word "Herencia" (Heritage) is also formed, which represents the many identities, experiences (good and bad), and cultural backgrounds that are inherited by our older and younger generations. 
The name behind the shop significantly embodies the sense of belonging among the Latino/a/e identity and immigrant community, while also encouraging embracing one's self and others. Through its products, Quherencia hopes to promote self-discovery, growth, and healing.
¡Gracias por tu apoyo!


Mission Statement: To be an immigrant-owned business that provides handcrafted, high quality, upcycled, small-batch, and vegan candles and wax melts, handmade jewelry, and stickers that will bring warmness to your home, while bringing awareness and creating visuals that represent and empowers the undocumented-hispanic community.


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