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Quherencia is an immigrant, woman-owned business operated in Los Angeles. Through its products, the shop hopes to uplift, advocate, and provide resources to the immigrant and/or Latine communities in the U.S.

Querencia in Spanish refers to a place where one feels their most authentic self, it is a place where one feels home. The "H" in the middle to represent the word "Here", which creates a sense of belonging within your community by expressing that you belong here. Moreover, within the name, the word "Herencia" (Heritage) is also formed, which represents the many identities, experiences (good and bad), and cultural backgrounds that are inherited from our older generations. 

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100% Wax

Each candle is carefully hand-poured and decorated. All decorations are made of wax, which will cause them to melt with the candle. This reduces risks of non-wax objects causing a harmful, fire-wise experience.

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Some jar-candles include labels that represent the immigrant and/or Latine experiences that occur in the United States. Some of these are in collaboration with other immigrant-owned businesses. These candles are meant to represent you.

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Make it yours!

I am always open to creating whatever you have in your beautiful mind: label customization, specific scents, specific colors, and decorations. Just let me know!